To people who want to stay in China for more than 30 or 60 days at a time but worry that the consulate office will deny them of time given.

Avoid feeling the frustration, the unanswered questions, and obtain your visa for your intended duration of stay.

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From: Stephen Yeh
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

If you have ever (researched into how to obtain your China visa,) you have experienced the frustration of:

  • How unclear the guidelines are for getting a visa
  • Wondering why it is hard to find in-depth information
  • How each website gives you a different answer
  • The constant changes in rules for obtaining a visa.
  • Look up forums to see frustrations and questions.

Once you get over the technical issues then you are suddenly faced with questions like:

  • Will I need to renew my visa once I'm in China?
  • Will the consulate give me the time I need to stay in China?
  • What happens to my plan if I don't get the time I want?
  • Am I missing things like testimonials, guarantee, bullets

Finally you give in and try:

  • Going to the consulate and hoping to get the duration of stay you desire (Is it worth feeling unsure?)
  • Calling a visa agency to help you obtain one (They say they can't get long durations?)

We tried all that too and found out it was too stressful to deal with so we spent much time developing relationships with owners of businesses in China who are willing to offer business invitation letters.

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With this service, you'll be able to obtain your desired visa without the hassle and uncertainty of not receiving the time you want.  Once you receive your business invitation letter, you can bring it along with the other documents to the consulate with a sense of ease that everything will turn out fine.

Here's how it works, once the payment is made, all you have to do is give us the necessary information for us to write the invitation letter for you, then in 3 days or less, you will receive your invitation letter, with the company overhead and required stamp, through email.


What will I have, and what's the next logical step after that?

Explain to me in a couple of sentences what I'll have once I have completed payment.

Your Price Today:
Just $79

And It Comes with This 30-Day
"No Questions Asked" Priority Guarantee!

If this service does not help you within the next 30 days, I demand you contact me and get your refund.

But I'm confident you'll use the business invitation to enjoy your time in China, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how you obtained the visa stay you wanted and how you will be enjoying your trip.

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  • I understand I will be billed $79 today to receive, within three days, a business invitation letter for a Chinese "F" Visa
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days


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